Our Story


Naturally Brand’s story begins as a small, family-owned company looking to spread fresh, healthy beverages throughout the US and the Caribbean. At first, we focused on innovative aseptic packaging that meant a longer shelf-life and tastier end product for consumers. However, times change and attitudes about health and nutrition have changed with them. We learned about the plant-based beverage movement, and saw the potential of tapping into the power of these green fuel sources in order to live a healthy, energetic life. Still, as consumers of plant-based drinks ourselves, here at Naturally Brand we were unsatisfied with our options. After trying a variety of plant-based products on the market at the time and being unsatisfied with their taste, longevity, and cost, Naturally Brand turned to the vitamin-packed almond to develop its first plant-based drink, Naturally Almond. Within two years of entering the market in Puerto Rico, Naturally Almond became the leader in sales despite competition from more established producers Silk and Almond Breeze. Naturally Almond was first established as a brand with Vanilla and Original flavors. However, consumer demand for greater options led to the creation of two new flavors, Unsweetened Original and Unsweetened Vanilla. Naturally Brand is excited to bring consumers still more choice with its fifth and newest Naturally Almond flavor, Dark Chocolate, a refreshing, tasty treat.


Naturally Almond is still the top name in the game when it comes to almond-based beverages. But why stop at just one healthy way to fuel your body, when there are so many more ways to spread the energy of plant-based drinks? Naturally Brand is pushing forward into new territory with two exciting new products -- Naturally Coconut and Naturally Cashew, as well as Naturally Vitamin, a lactose-free dairy beverage fortified with essential vitamins and minerals for an added energy boost. We’re passionate about continuing the journey to provide the highest quality, healthiest plant-based drinks and lactose-free milks to consumers around the globe. Thanks for being part of the journey with us.