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Ok, so plants like soybeans and almonds sound like a tasty and healthy way to quench your thirst. But how did we get plant-based beverages? Are they really a great dairy alternative, or just the latest diet fad? It might come as a surprise, but people have been using plants to make refreshing, non-alcoholic, healthy beverages for centuries.

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Vitamins and Minerals

Meet nature’s most refreshing fuels- the almond, the cashew, the coconut and the oat. In addition to being refreshing, tasty, nutrient-packed foods to refuel your body, these plant-based nuts and fruits can be processed to form delicious dairy-free beverages offering a number of benefits compared to traditional dairy from cows. For example, drinks made from plants generally offer a higher calcium content than dairy milk — often as much as 50% more. As an added benefit, plant-based drinks also have fewer calories than other dairy alternatives, so they’re great for keeping weight off. That’s more fuel for your bones, plus fewer calories to weigh you down.

Better Than Dairy Milk

Naturally Brand’s story begins as a small, family-owned company looking to spread fresh, healthy beverages like almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, oat milk and vitamin milk throughout the US and the Caribbean.

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