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Whichever flavor you choose, Naturally Cashew always has 100 calories or less per serving, making it a great option to keep weight off and stay fit and fueled. However, it has many other important benefits. For one, it’s got no natural sugars, making it a great choice for those looking to watch their sugar levels. And, Naturally Cashew has 50% of your daily Vitamin E in one serving, more than any other plant-based drink, or regular dairy milk.

What Is Cashew Milk?

Cashew milk is a popular, plant-based nondairy beverage that’s made from whole cashews and water. It has a rich, creamy consistency and is loaded with the vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats that you need to power through your day.

Cashews are native to Brazil, where they have long been viewed as a delicacy. However, recently cashews have become immensely popular worldwide thanks to their creamy, delicate flavor and extraordinary health benefits.

It’s a healthy alternative to dairy milk and can be used in place of dairy in almost all cases. At Natrually Brand, our cashew milk is delicious, creamy, and a great option for those looking to stay fit, healthy, and fueled.

How is it Made?

While you may wonder how you can get milk from cashew, it’s actually simpler than you might think. The cashews are first shelled, then lightly toasted, soaked in water, and then ground into a paste. That paste is then blended with water. The milk is the liquid that results from the strained pulp.

What Are the Benefits of Cashew Milk?

There are so many benefits to consuming this plant-based powerhouse, starting with the fact that it’s full of healthy nutrients. Our cashew milk contains a mixture of healthy fats, protein, and a variety of essential vitamins and minerals. The majority of the fat in this type of milk comes from healthy fat (unsaturated) which can give your heart health a major boost.

Here are some additional benefits of cashews:

  • Rich in Protein: Protein is an essential macronutrient needed in your body for energy. It’s particularly important for rebuilding your muscle tissues and creating new cellular compounds. Additionally, consuming protein helps keep you full between meals and maintain a healthy weight.
  • A Boost for Your Immune System: Cashews are an excellent source of zinc, an important mineral used in the development of your immune system cells.
  • Excellent Source of Antioxidants: Antioxidants are the compounds that counteract oxidative cell damage. The most potent antioxidants include vitamins E and K, both of which can be found in cashews.
  • Cholesterol Free: Cholesterol is a waxy compound that can accumulate in your blood and lead to restricted cardiovascular functioning (heart problems). Many foods are high in cholesterol and can take a toll on your heart health. Cashews contain none, making them an excellent choice for the promotion of heart health.

Ways to Use Cashew Milk in Your Diet

This type of milk is a very healthy and versatile addition to your diet. It’s lactose-free, making it suitable for those who are intolerant and therefore must avoid dairy products. Naturally Brand’s milk is the perfect substitution for any cow’s milk recipe.

We love this milk poured over the top of cereal, in smoothies, baked goods, oatmeals, sauces, soups, and more. Thanks to its rich, creamy texture and smooth taste, it also works well as a creamer in your favorite coffee drinks, teas, and hot chocolate.

Who Can Drink Cashew Milk?

Anyone who is not allergic to tree nuts or under the age of one year. Naturally Brand’s cashew milk is the perfect solution for the roughly 65% of the population that suffers from lactose intolerance. It’s also perfect for those who follow a vegan lifestyle and those who are watching their cholesterol or are at risk for heart issues.

Why Choose Naturally Brand?

Naturally Brand is on a mission to bring the world a healthy, natural alternative to dairy milk. We use the power of plants to create milk that’s healthy, delicious, and a great source of essential nutrients that help fuel you through your day.

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